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Here you can find information about us and our products - brochures, demo clips and manuals. Further you can download software support data, service forms as well as CE and ISO certificates.



DITABIS - Der OEM Experte - Broschüre Deutsch 

(OEM German)

certification support medical devices german

(Certification Support German)

DITABIS - The OEM Expert - Flyer English 

(OEM English)

certification support medical devices english

(Certification Support English)

Product brochure

Imaging Plate Scanner Micron

Imaging Plate Scanner Micron Broschüre

(Micron Broshure English)

Imaging Plate Scanner micron Flyer

(Micron Flyer English)

Microarray Scanner

Microarray Scanner MArS Broschüre 

(Microarray Scanner German)

Microarray Scanner brochure

(Microarray Scanner English)


ISO 9001

ISO 9001

ISO 13485

ISO 13485