Device Development

Medical/lab technology, imaging, electronics, mechanics, firmware, software

Device Development: From first product idea to finished product

Do you plan to launch a promising product idea or do you want to make a started in-house development quickly ready for series production and need development support? Then we are ready to support you in developing your future products.

You define the customer requirements for the lab or medical device and we provide you with first design proposals.

Even before the project start, you as our customer will get an initial risk and cost estimation. After that we will identify in which timeframe and with what resources you project can be realized in the context of detailed design and feasibility studies. By means of our early feasibility study, potential weaknesses can be identified and corrected even before the start of the project. This prevents time delays and unnecessary disinvestments.

The exact customer requirements and our innovative solution approaches are specified in a carefully coordinated specification sheet. Here, your requirements and the exact definition of our works and performances are at the focus.

After that, we carry out a detail development with mechanics, electronics and/or optics. Constant cost control shows high savings potentials. The phases of product and module development are mapped via an integrated project management system, the design and construction works are supported by using 3D CAD software. Thanks to newest rapid prototyping procedures we can design a 3D model of your device very quickly and are able to offer you a prototype within the shortest possible time.

Device Development  electronics development

  1. Table top lab devices and medical devices
  2. Sophisticated electronics, firmware, software, mechanics and automation
  3. Complex analog and digital circuits
  4. Fluorescence and luminescence detection, photometry
  5. 3D construction with INVENTOR (AutoCAD)
  6. Imaging plate technology for medicine, science and industry
  7. Several design awards for housings and user interface
  8. Sheet / plastics / injection-moulded housings
  9. Touch panel glass fronts
  10. Profound application knowledge of our scientists
  11. Adaptation / integration into the design of our OEM customers (corporate identity)

Our core competencies