Imaging system

based on imaging plates for life sciences and material sciences

What is an Imaging Plate?

The imaging plate (IP) contains a photostimulable storage phosphor layer (typically 0.1 to 0.3 mm thick), which store the radiation dose as a latent image within the phosphor layer as elevated electron energies. When the IP is then transported through the scanner (read out), the scanning laser beam causes the electrons to relax to lower energy levels (photostimulated luminescence), emitting light that is detected by a photo-multiplier tube, which is clocked at a specific resolution or pixel capture frequency, this signal then being converted to an electronic signal and significantly amplified. The electronic signal is then quantized via an ADC to discrete (digital) values for each pixel and placed into the image processor pixel map. Imaging plates can theoretically be re-used thousands of times if they are handled carefully and under certain radiation exposure conditions.

Imaging Plates
are nearly ideal electron and x-ray detectors that give you highest quality digital Images. DITABIS Imaging Plate Technology enhances your results with all the benefits of digital imaging. Exploring the advantages of the Imaging Plate Technology, best results are obtained in resolution, linearity, sensitivity, dynamic range and DQE.

Advantages of Imaging Plates

  1. Flexible and thin
  2. Different formats
  3. High evective area
  4. High dynamic range
  5. Reusable
  6. High resolution
  7. High sensitivity
  8. Usable for more than one TEM or X-Ray source

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Imaging Plate Scanner by DITABIS

DITABIS is an expert in digital imaging. We already developed several Imaging Plate Scanner systems. The DITABIS scanner are used in electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction but also in dental radiography.

Here you can see a cryo image made by a transmission electron microscope:

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The DITABIS Imaging Plate Scanner Micron can scan up to 20 Plates (size 81x100 mm) in one turn. Other Imaging Plate sizes are available on request.

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If you are interested in the DITABIS Imaging Plate Scanner technology then please get in contact with us busdev(at)

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Imaging Plate Scanner System, OEM

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