Lab Instruments

like thermo shakers, shaker and aspiration systems for life sciences, diagnostics and chemistry

DITABIS is an expert in incubating and shaking

Optimal way of heating a sample

In a lab you have to incubate samples at a special temperature and sometimes for a very long time. To heat your samples in an optimized way you need to take care of some criteria:

  1. accurate manufactured aluminum blocks
  2. no air buffer between block and tube
  3. optimized temperature measurement
  4. temperature uniformity inside the block
  5. adequate heating power
  6. instrument calibration
  7. block isolation

Optimal way of mixing a sample

Efficient mixing of samples in tubes depends on different criterias like viscosity, volume, amplitude, mixing frequency and others:

  1. filling volume
  2. shape of the tube
  3. viscosity
  4. amplitude
  5. mixing frequency
  6. mixing type

An orbital shaking movement is perfect for the most lab tubes. But if you use very small sample volumes it is better to use a linear shaking movement because of the orbital power.

Lab instruments by DITABIS

DITABIS develops different lab instruments to shake and heat samples. For example a thermoshaker, a blockthermostat, a 3d rocker and an Orbital-Shaker.

The DITABIS instruments are used in almost every lab in Life Science, Diagnostics, Food Science, Pharma industry and Chemistry.

Here you can see a DITABIS Thermoshaker:

Ditabis Thermomixer, OEM

Next to the Shakers DITABIS also produces Vacuum Aspiration System which are used in the cell culture or filtration. You can aspirate liquid supernatant or liquid waste.

Ditabis Aspiration Systems, OEM

All DITABIS Lab instruments are also available as an OEM version. Please contact us busdev(at)

Ditabis lab instruments, OEM

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