Fluorescence scanner

for biochip applications in research and diagnostics (IVD)

What is a Microarray?

Since an array can contain tens of thousands of probes, a microarray experiment can accomplish many genetic tests in parallel. There are different types of Microarrays (DNA, protein, antibody..). Sometimes they are known as Gene chips or Bio chips because they have as much information as a computer chip.

Fluorescence Scanner by DITABIS

DITABIS is an expert in development of digital imaging systems. We have a lot of experience with fluorescence imaging systems. We already developed an Microarray Scanner which is used in research and diagnostic (IVD).

Advantages of a DITABIS Microarray Scanner

  1. 20-bit Dynamic Range for gene expression an miRNA
  2. grey filter for barcode reading
  3. up to 6 emission filter
  4. peltier cooled laser modules
  5. up to 4 slides
  6. automated grid finding
  7. verification kit (for IVD)

Here you can see an image based on the DITABIS Microarray Scanner MArS:

Microarray, Fluorescence, Biochip, Side, dna, protein

The DITABIS fluorescence scanner is a compact stand-alone device. But it also can be integrated in a lab automation. We can modify the instrument according to your requirements. 

Microarray Scanner, Fluorescence Scanner, Slide Scanner

The Slide scanner is used in the research market. But we already have an OEM scanner which is used in the cancer diagnostic. If you need support with certification of medical products then we can support you.

You can find more information about the Microarray Scanner MArS here.

Microarray Scanner MArS, OEM, Fluorescence

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