OEM manufacturing of series production devices

The mutual way of our OEM partner and the DITABIS-team

After release of the pilot series DITABIS starts with the certified series production of your new medical or laboratory product. The continuous exchange of knowledge among our experts ensures a smooth transition from development to series production. Another focus of DITABIS lies in the production of advanced medical and laboratory equipment. With our efficient purchasing and assembling specialists we are able to guarantee competitive products!

Of course, the DITABIS can also be directly active as production service for medical and laboratory equipment. It eliminates the upstream development process and we accept your technical drawings and assembly instructions.


In phase 5 " Production" DITABIS provides:

  1. Final inspection and release
  2. Continuous risk management
  3. Traceability
  4. Market observation
  5. Continuous quality audits

Besides the development services, DITABIS offers also series production of devices, especially in low/mid volume areas. The production standards of DITABIS include:

  1. Skilled manufacturing personnel for electronic and mechanical production
  2. Semi-automated assembly tools
  3. Assembly instructions for every product
  4. Calibrated production tools
  5. ESD controlled environment
  6. Continuous training and skill improvement

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