Imaging Plate Scanner Micron

Electron detection (TEM) using Imaging Plate Technology
Imaging Plate Scanner Micron 25
(Article number 900065002)
25 µm resolution, fix
Imaging Plate Scanner Micron Vario 15µm
(Article number 900065003)
50 till 15 µm resolution
Imaging Plate Standard Selection (Artikel Nummer 660050900a)
Size: 81 x 100 mm, for TEM

Imaging Plate Scanners for all applications in transmission electron microscopy and for X-ray diffraction

- High resolution TEM imaging for weak phase contrast samples
- Low dose cryo (biological or beam sensitive samples)
- Material Science (materials characterization)
- Diffraction pattern
- Replacement of negative film

Are you looking for a solution to digitally store high resolution images of your samples?

Take advantage of our Micron Imaging Plate Scanners!

Best Price-performance rate in comparison with CCD camera
Flexible operation, for several TEM’s or X-ray instruments
Extremely high resolution. Digital images with up to 15 µm pixel size up to 10 k x 10 k Pixels (Imaging Plate size 81 x 100 mm)
Very high Dynamic Range. Up to 20 bit for applications like Electron Diffraction Pattern
Very high sensitivity
Imaging Plates re-usable up to 1000 times
Easy handling without chemistry

Ditabis Micron is ideal for every EM-lab. If Zeiss, FEI, JEOL or Hitachi – Imaging Plates can be used with every TEM. Micron is the perfect replacement for old negative films. But it is also a complementary with CCD cameras.

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