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plasma care

Behandlung von Wunden mit kaltem Plasma

Wireless Dermatoscope

medical image documentation system for digital skin monitoring

Dünnes, weiches und flexibles Sensormodul: Geofencing, Sturzerkennung, Dekubitusprävention, Aktivitätenprotokoll, Mobilitätsstatus

High Content Screening System

automatic microscope with smart image acquisition and data analyses

Hive solution for Big Data

data processing, transfer, storage in lifes Science and Medicine

Fluorescence scanner

for biochip applications in research and diagnostics (IVD)

Imaging system

based on imaging plates for life sciences and material sciences

Dental Imaging System

based on computed radiography

Dental electrophoresis device

for manufacturing of tooth crowns

Automatized robotic system

for chemosensitive samples

Microprocessor controlled medical device

for grinding and aspiration (Point of care)

Lab Instruments

like thermo shakers, shaker and aspiration systems for life sciences, diagnostics and chemistry


Loreal Meeting
28.11. – 30.11.2018

Here you can find some of our OEM projects and technologies. Due to contracts we are not allowed to show you all products, technologies and information.

  1. Dental imaging system
  2. Imaging system based on Imaging Plates
  3. Fluorescence Scanner
  4. High content screening systems
  5. Automatized robotic system
  6. Dental electrophoresis device
  7. Microprocessor controlled medical device
  8. Lab equipment like thermoshaker, Drybath and aspiration systems